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Products > Laminating Machine > Flute Laminating Machine > GTFM-1100/1300/1450 Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine
Product name : GTFM-1100/1300/1450 Semi-Automatic Flute Laminating Machine
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Product Description:

GTFM series board laminating machine is used to paste the color-printing surface paper together with the bottom paper (cardboard or corrugated paper) accurately.It's very good for producing high quality cardboad,making the cardboard more nice and firm,widely used in packaging of food,wine products,light industrial products ect.

Machine Features:

1.Suitable for lamination of corrugated paper to cardboard and cardboard to carboard.
2.Automatic feeding of bottom sheet,the right side for feeding of face sheet,front positioning gauge for controlling the laminating precision.
3.Stepless speed control with attractive and nice appearance,and easily cleaning.

Model GTFM-1100 GTFM-1300 GTFM-1450
Max sheet size(mm) 1100*1100 1300*1100 1450*1100
Min sheet size(mm) 300*300 350*450 450*450
Laminating Speed(m/min) 0~90 0~90 0~90
Voltage(v) 380 380 380
Frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
Total power(kw) 7 7.5 8
Measurement(mm) 7100*1550*1250 7100*1850*1250 7100*2000*1250
Weight(ton) 3.7 4.9 5.5

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