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Products > Laminating Machine > Water Base Laminator > CSFM-1000/1200 Manual Window Water-base Laminator
Product name : CSFM-1000/1200 Manual Window Water-base Laminator
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The machine uses aquo-solvable environmental protective glue and BOPP film. The product after being compounded and pressed, has the merits of hight degree of transpn-bubble etc. and is equipped with an imported transverter, self-cutting and a quick finshes rolling-up and pushing-out processing system, stable in perfo
rmance, high speed and energy-saving.

Technical Parameter 
Model CSFM-1000 CSFM-1200
Maximum width 950mm 1150mm
Paper Thickness 250g/m&sup2 Above 250g/m&sup2 Above
Max.working speed 50(m/min) 50(m/min)
Total power 3.15(kw) 3.15(kw)
Total weight 1500kg 1600kg
Overall Dimensions 2700×1500×1400mm 2700×1700×1400mm

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